Intel 收購 Opened Hand

jollen 發表於 September 2, 2008 10:19 AM

一年多前 [Mobile Linux initiative 成立],Mobile Linux initiative(或稱為 Moblin community)採用 Intel Atom 平臺,並專注於 Mobile Internet Devices(MIDs)、Netbooks 與其它 embedded devices 的開發。而這個以 Intel Atom 為主的社群,有了重大的變化。

根據 PC World 的一則消息指出:[Intel Buys British Linux Developer Opened Hand]。是的,Intel 買下了知名的軟體開發公司 [OpenedHand];同一時間,Opened Hand 也在網站上發佈這則消息(引述自 Opened Hand 網站):

We are pleased to announce that OpenedHand Ltd has been acquired by Intel Corporation. The OpenedHand team will join the Intel Open Source Technology Center and will focus on the development of the Moblin Software Platform, the optimized software stack for Intel Atom processors.

Intel will continue supporting open source projects currently led by OpenedHand staff such as Clutter and Matchbox projects, and in most cases, will accelerate these projects as they become an integral part of Moblin.

Opened Hand 在被 Intel 收購後,將加入 Intel Open Source Technology Center,並且將專注在 Moblin 軟體平臺的發展。Opened Hand 是 GNOME 最重要的 contributor,Opened Hand 帶領的幾個知名專案像是 Clutter 與 Matchbox 等,也將會繼續發展,這些專案在加入 Moblin 後有助於加快其開發速度。

Opened Hand 過去開發過許多知專案,幾個代表性專案有 Nokia Internet Tablets(N770)、OLPC、Vernier,以及 Openmoko。

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