Embedded Device 等於 PC

jollen 發表於 May 11, 2007 8:33 PM

就現代的硬體來說,embedded device 和 PC 的界線是越來越小了,雖然有時參與的 project 是 'embedded device',但是技術本質上就好像在做 PC 一樣。本週二參加 tossug 的心得分享,主辦單位邀請到 OpenMoko 來演講,而在整個活動的過程中,也多少透露了這個重要的技術轉變概念;[魔法設計師] 在他的 blog 也提到這點,全文可參考 [OrzLab] 的轉載

這幾天持續關注 Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded 專案的新聞,很湊巧,在 OpenMoko 的 mailing list 裡看到一則 Ubuntu 專案成員所回覆的訊息,全文轉貼如下:

============ cut ============
On 5/9/07, Vincent *** wrote:
> I just read this: http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS2403415870.html
> Contrary to widespread rumors, Ubuntu Mobile will not target mobile phones. Instead, the "mobile and embedded" version of the popular desktop Linux distribution will be developed in partnership with Intel, and will target "mobile Internet devices" (MIDs), along the lines of Nokia's N800 web tablet.

As a member of the Ubuntu project, I can confidently say that the
embedded space is one of the key targets since 3 releases ago, but on
what area of embedded, we haven't really tackled in detail
. The most
realistic that we could probably deliver by October of this year, is
have it running very smoothly on Intel's Classmate PC (some of the
Edubuntu people have actually made it happen already) or similar


Jerome Gotangco
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重要的概念部份,我用了粗體字標示。所以說,MID 就是 PC ;-0

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