OpenMoko 接受社群的建議加入 WiFi 模組

jollen 發表於 March 20, 2007 11:40 AM

OpenMoko 專案最近透過他們自己的 ecosystem 向社群請求有關 GPL WiFi 模組的廠商以及驅動程式,昨天 OpenMoko 宣佈了以下這則消息:

主旨: [openmoko-announce] RE: Crossroads 	完全表頭
Dear Community,

A big thanks again for all your feedback! We're meeting with vendors
this week and are optimistic about our chances to find a WiFi module.
We'll keep you all posted and announce the winner of the free phone once
we find the right solution.

As for the UI / Application developer work request, we're still
processing these emails. Please bare with us as we are just overwhelmed
with tasks trying to get the devices built this month.


從「request for GPL WiFi module」到「meeting with vendors」也不過短短幾天,再度另人見識到開放源碼社群的力量。由於 OpenMoko 是一個完全開放的 Linux 手機平臺,並且 OpenMoko 所形成的 ecosystem 正在快速成熟穩定中,因此可以預見不久的未來,Linux phone 的發展與應用將會更加完整,解決方案(solution)的可獲取性(availability)也會更好。


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